XS3 Speed Bearings
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With the XS3 Super Bearings, the XS3 Wheels, and The Edge 46SBA Super Axles you will turn any Pinewood Derby car you have into a super charged Speedster! You can now convert any car in minutes using our XS3 Super Bearings into a blazing speedster. Creating a bearing car is no longer for the extremists or the pros! Use the bearings with your own wheels, or pair them up with the XS3's, that are some of the fastest bearing wheels around!  Jewkes Engineering has you covered if speed and design is what you want!!!

Jewkes Engineering wheel and axle designs have been run and tested for 39+yrs. Time tested and race proven for you to have the Edge On The Competition. These XS3 Super Bearings  have won and set the bar in the National Championships for years!!!

XS3 Bearing Description

  • 1 Bearing is $15.00
  • ID 3/64" x OD 5/32" x W 1/16"
  • Apec 7 Stainless steel
  • Flanged .203" x .013" 
  • internal Radio Clearance .0002" - .0005"
  • If you choose our bearing prep they will be hand picked, cleaned and ready to race.


Rise above being just another derby dad ... build with the pro's at Jewkes Engineering and get the "Edge On The Competition!"

please remember to check you local rules to make sure these Bearings are legal for your race.  


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XS3 Speed Bearings

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