The "Edge" Super Pro Lube
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Do you want to get more than 6-10 fast consistant runs before having to relube? Do you like the idea of a quick and easy way to luble your Pinewood Derby car without all the mess? Duponts Krytox GPL 100 is your solution. The "Edge" Super Pro Lube is very easy to apply and will easily outperform graphite with the right techniques. It comes in an easy to apply 1 Dram dropper bottle.

The "Edge" Super Pro Lube combined with the Axle Race Prep and Wheel Race Prep for oil from Jewkes Engineering, will give you the Perfect combination for Ultimate Speed!

This is currently the fastest Pinewood Derby lubricant available!


Rise above being just another derby dad ... build with the pro's at Jewkes Engineering and get the "Edge On The Competition!"


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The "Edge" Super Pro Lube

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