The "Edge" HoleShot XS3 Bearing Wheels
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***The Jewkes Engineering line of wheels have equipped the winners of every major class of the Pinewood National Championship race for 6 consecutive years!***

This is the wheel and axle combo that has dominated the super modified class in EVERY event it has raced in for the last 3 years! It is the wheel of choice of National Champions! The competitions wheels...??? There is NO competition!

-These wheels weigh an astonishing .6 grams each so your car has the HOLESHOT

-Perfected on a CnC Machine Process

- Equipped with all new XS technology

- Made from a durable, strong, lightweight space age material

- Precision stainless steal apec 7 bearings for ultimate speed in the complete kit

- Look for our complete kit for wheels, bearing and axles

Jewkes Engineering once again gives you an inside speed secret product to allow you to run with the fastest cars in the world. Reach your true Maximum Velocity and become the Derby Dominator in your Pinewood Derby. Don't monkey around with the imitations.

Jewkes Engineering wheel designs have been run and tested for 30+yrs. Time tested and race proven for you to have the Edge On The Competition!

If you are looking to have the "Edge" in your Pinewood Derby

Then these are the wheels for you! The "Edge" Super HoleShots XS3 Bearing Wheel.

Please remember to check your local Rules to make sure these wheels are legal for your race. These wheels are a favorite for Outlaw Races.


Rise above being just another derby dad ... build with the pro's at Jewkes Engineering and get the "Edge On The Competition!"


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The "Edge" HoleShot XS3 Bearing Wheels

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