The Edge BasX
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 ***The Jewkes Engineering line of wheels have equipped the winners of every major class of the Pinewood National Championship race for 5 consecutive years!***

These wheels are machined lathed to provide you precision 2.5 gram wheels that will run Your Speedster smooth and Fast down the track. The Edge BasX's should pass for any Pinewood Derby rules. If you get the Edge BasX's 1.18's these will pass any rule for light sanding and some of the toughest rules out there. There are only a few mold numbers that can be trued to 1.18", We here at Jewkes Engineering will find just the right mold number to achieve this for you.

Jewkes Engineering wheel designs have been run and tested for 35+ yrs. Time tested and race proven for you to have the Edge on the competition!

The tread surface on these wheels have not been narrowed or rounded or reshaped in anyway. The small tread marks on the edge of the wheels are still intact, they look as if they just came out of the box. But they have been Trued to perfection. The wheels come in Black, Blue, Yellow, Red and Orange.

All BSA wheels are not equal. There are 16 different molds that the BSA wheels are made from. The wheels are individually hand spun to eliminate any bad wheels before they are machine lathed. The lathing process removes the out of roundness that is formed in the mold process. Now the tread surface is even, flat and round. these wheels run smooth and fast, the hubs can be coned at your request if your rules allow.
If you are looking to have the "Edge" in your Pinewood Derby
then these are the wheels for you.The "Edge BasX's.

Rise above being just another derby dad ... build with the pro's at Jewkes Engineering and get the "Edge On The Competition!"

These wheels are Pure Stock and should pass for any BSA Races.

1 Set Of 4 Edge BasX


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The Edge BasX

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