The Edge BSA PureStockr's
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Jewkes Engineering line of wheels have equipped the winners of every major class of the Pinewood National Championship Race for 7 Consecutive Years!!!


The Edge line Pinewood derby wheels are created from official BSA wheels and are precision machined for ultimate performance. The Edge line of wheels were created for the professional pacers who demand the highest performance and are now available for your own pinewood derby racer. These wheels are machine lathed to provide you precision 2.3 - 2.4 gram wheel that will pass most Pinewood Derby rules. The Edge line wheel will provide a noticeable speed advantage over the stock out of round BSA wheel because of the light weight reduction inner edge truing and tread truing. Jewkes Engineering wheel designs have been run and tested for 35 yrs. Time tested and race proven for you to have the Edge On The Competition!

Jewkes Engineering wheels are the wheel of choice for the fastest professional league racers. The tread surface on these wheels have not been narrowed or rounded or reshaped in any way. The small tread marks on the edge of the wheel are still intact, they look as if they just came out of the box. The inner edge of the wheel has been trued and flattened  to the wheel bore and wheel tread for extreme performance.


If you are looking to have the Edge In your Pinewood derby, then these are the wheels for you. The Edge Purstockers

The Edge PureStockr's

  • Wheel weight 2.3 - 2.38 grams 
  • Wheel heigth 1.174" - 1.177" 
  • Tread width 7.75mm 
  • Set of 4 PureStockr's
(Wheel height depends on mold number)

The Edge PureStockr's 2.4's

  • Wheel weight 2.360 - 2.400 grams
  • Wheel height 1.171" - 1.173" 
  • Tread width 7.5 mm
  • Set of 4 Purestockr's 2.4's
(Wheel height depends on mold number)

NOTE: On Coned hub options, If you are going to have the hubs coned and you select the cone and remove inner step, cone and remove outer step, this option is for reverse wheel mounting and you will need wheel spacer's, or the wheels can be mount standard and will need wheel spacers or washers to give the wheels clearance between the car body and the wheel.


Don't get left in the dust, Create the dust with Jewkes Engineering and Smoke the Competition!!! 


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The Edge BSA PureStockr's

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