The Edge 91SDGA's are perfect for top performance  with the HoleShot XS2's using Oil...

The double groove helps with stability and correct presure points to give you the best and fastest performance on the XS2's

The Edge line of axles were designed to make it possible to run any type of wheel with the same car without modification of the axle holes. The 91SDGA will require the use of a #43 drill bit when drilling axle holes.

This is My choice of Axles when it comes to using oil lubes with the XS2's! 

Make sure this axle meets the Rule requirements of your Pinewood Derby prior to purchase.

Get The Edge On The Competition!

1 Set Of 3 91SDGA Axles with 1 guide pine



Rise above being just another derby dad ... build with the pro's at Jewkes Engineering and get the "Edge On The Competition!"


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The "Edge" 91SDGA Stainless Double Grooved Axles

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