"The Budget Burner SpeedSter"
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This Speedster has a great look and a flashy color combo, and it will fly down the track. The Speedster is equipped with high performance speed parts from Jewkes Engineering. To start off, the car is equipped with the 3.3oz Steel Stablizer System by Jewkes Engineering, to give you just the right cg's (center of gravity) and stability all the way to the finish line. The Speedster was drilled with "The Block" at the standard 4 3/8" wheel base that has been set up with a canted 3 wheel touch RailRunner to give you maxium speed and the best wheel alignment to achieve the fastest speed results. The Speedster is running a set of The Edge Stockr's 1.4 grams wheels to give you fast acceleration out of the starting gate and maintain smooth speeds on the straight way.  Plus, they have been coned and race prepped to run oil which makes it so you don't have to worry about your car slowing down, it will just keep getting faster as the race goes on. Next, it has the 91sga speed axles by Jewkes Engineering, which have been proven to be the fastest axles on the market.  They have been highly polished, and race prepped for oil. This is a fast little car that gives you nice looks, and clean lines. This Speedster will turn the heads when it screems down the Race Track!!!  Don't be surprized if you take home the Checkered Flag!!!

Don't get left in the dust, make the dust with Jewkes Engineering, and get the Edge on the Competition!!!

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"The Budget Burner SpeedSter"

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