"The Block"
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"The Block" by Jewkes Engineering has been our speed secret for 40yrs! Now we have made it available to you, so you can have the same Edge on your competition. This tool has been the key foundation for 100 plus National Titles. 

Wheel alignment is the foundation and the number one key to building a fast car. This is the Silver Bullet for your Pinewood Derby build!!!

Instead of spending hours trying to get the right alignment, twisting and adjusting the axles in the standard pinewood kit slots or all 4 bent Axle Threary, you can use "The Block" to get precision drilled axle holes right the first time. With the axle holes drilled using "The Block" your car will be aligned in minutes! With a good drill press, this tool will give you the ability to drill any wheels base you desire, axle holes for 4 wheels touching flat or canted, 3 wheels touching flat or canted and creating the fastest 3 wheel rail runners in the world.

The Block has proven itself to be the most effective wheel alignment tool on the market. National Champion winners use "The Block" to create their record breaking speedsters year after year. Has been Named The Silver Bullet!!!

This tool has revolutionized Pinewood Derby! 

Comes in 2 choices to fit your budget!!!

  • Black Anodized:  keeps The Block form oxidizing, stays clean, gives "The Block" a nice look for your derby tool box! Comes with canting pin, best money spent to build a pinewood derby car!!! 


  • Deluxe all Aluminum: Comes with canting pin, looks great, gives you the same drilling results as the Black Anodized Block.   


Click on Link to to view youtube video: http://youtu.be/YbkXQa0PYhM

Rise above being just another derby dad... build with the pro's at Jewkes Engineering and get the "Edge On The Competition!"

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"The Block"

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