Pinewood Derby Race
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Is there anything more fulfilling than that look of excitement on the childrens faces as they compete in the Pinewood Derby? Let a national champion winning Pinewood Derby builder host your next derby!

We use the ESS (Electromagnetic Starting System) with a lazer gate so that each scout can start the race with just the push of a button! A top of line electronic timer measures to the ten thousandths. With a professional track, which is leveled for optimum performance and has a professional stopping system, so the cars do not get damaged. your troop is ensured a fantastic race everytime!  

We run a drag race style event. Where the kids and the adults understand win loss. do not get caught up in computer soft ware to run your race and not understand how the race is ran. but worst of all just watching cars just run down the track. We have a visual car display so you know what place each car is in at all times during the race event. As the race goes on as we place the cars in 1st through 4th car brakets, same speed cars will start racing each other giving the crowd and racers excitment with close call races.

We find the 4 fastest cars in a preliminary race, then give the top 4 racers a pit stop to check out there cars and or add there final lube. Then with a push of a button the green flag drops for one final race to determine the winners 1st through 4th... The crowd and racers love it and the anticipation is exiting. To top it all off, from start to finish, I MC the event and give recognition to all the racers. do not get left in a cloud of smoke and not know what is going on in your next race event, Make the Smoke with Jewkes Engineering and have your racers and race fans tell you, this was the best race ever.

6x National Champion, Glenn Jewkes will host an entertaining evening of adrenaline and fun!

The top 5 cars in this derby are "Edge Equipped" by Jewkes Engineering

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Pinewood Derby Race

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