Outlaw SpeedSters
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Looking for a fast car for that dads race... you know the one for bragging rights... then these are the cars for you.

Base coat clear coat automotive paint, with glass like finish. These are one off builds and Paint jobs from Jewkes Engineering. These cars are ready to be Assembled with all the Jewkes Engineering highperformance Speed parts. Equip the car with with the Xs3 bearing wheels or the XS2 holeShots, or the Edge line of super wheels. Your choice of Speed Axles. All cars will be race prepped with Krytox oil and ready to race. Just pull it out of the box and watch the jaws drop. 

Have fun dominating your race!!!


Wheel and Axle Packages

  • Stockr's W/93sga axles and oil Race prepped
  • SuperStock's W/93sga axles and oil race prepped
  • Xs2's W 91sdga axlesand oil race prepped
  • XS3 Super bearing Wheels W/46sba axles raced prepped
  • Item #: 00001

Outlaw SpeedSters

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