Mid America 2019 Wheels
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**** The Jewkes Engineering line of wheels have equipped the winners of every major class of Pinewood National Championship race for 7 consecutive years!**** "The Mid America Wheels "WON" The Mid America Adult Graphite class for 2016"


These wheels are machine lathed and mold matched to provide you precision "NEW CUT" 1.2 to 1.3 gram wheels are custom built for League Racing of the Mid america Nationals, they retain all BSA markings that are on the inside and outside of the wheel. But if you choose to go smaller than 1.160" in wheel height then the tread markings will not be there! These wheels have been perfected on a Machine Process and are individually hand spun to insure that you have superior quality. The tread surface on these wheels have been narrowed to 7.5mm but have not been rounded or reshaped in any way. The small tread marks on the edge of the wheels are still intact if you have a wheel height of 1.160" or taller. You can also choose to have the tread bumbs removed which will pass the Mid American 2019 rules.


Jewkes Engineering wheel designs have been run and tested for 45+yrs. Time tested and race proven for you to have the Edge On The Competition!


Although often imitated,  no other lightened wheel on the market can compare to the Edge Stockr's. They are race proven to be the fastest 1.2 to 1.3 gram BSA wheel on the market. This is the wheel of choice for the fastest professional league racers!


Mid America wheels

  • Wheel weight 1.2 to 1.3 grams "Stiff Cut"
  • Standard wheel height is 1.160"
  • Your choice of Wheel Height, 1.125" to 1.175"
  • Wheel tread width 7.5mm
  • Tread bumps removed on selection
  • Set of 4 wheels


 PDDR Xtreme PureStockr wheels

  • Wheel weight 1.4 grams "Stiff Cut"
  • Standard wheel height 1.175"
  • Your choice of Wheel Height
  • Wheel tread width 7.5mm
  • Set of 4 wheels w/ 1 small 1.06" lifted wheel
  • Removal of tread markings or bumps on Front Dominate wheel


NOTE: On Coned hub options, If you are going to have the hubs coned and you select the cone and remove inner step, cone and remove outer step, this option is for reverse wheel mounting and you will need wheel spacer's, or the wheels can be mount standard and will need wheel spacers or washers to give the wheels clearance between the car body and the wheels.

If you're looking to have the "Edge" in your Pinewood Derby, then these are the wheels for you. The "Edge Stockr's".

Get the Edge on the competition...

Please remember to check your local rules to make sure these wheels are legal for your race. These wheels have passed many many BSA Races. 


Rise above being just another derby dad ... Build with the pro's at Jewkes Engineering and get the "Edge On The Competition!"


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Mid America 2019 Wheels

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