Drill Bits - #42, #43, #44 & "The Block" Replacement Degree Pin.
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Jewkes Engineering supplies you with everything you need to succeed! Select the drill bit size your axles will require, this along with "The Block" will give you PERFECT Alignment for your speedster. We use jobber length drill bits that come in a #44, #43 and #42 wire size. If you want the best drilled holes we recomend going with the solid Tunsten Carbide drill bits.

#44 is for out of the box BSA axles, and BSA Speed axles.

#43 is for Jewkes Engineering 91SA, 91SGA, 91SDGA, 93SGA, 46SBA, 30SNA axles.

#42 is for lite cleaning out the drilled hole with pin vise to make the JE axle go in easier.


Rise above being just another derby dad ... build with the pro's at Jewkes Engineering and get the "Edge On The Competition!"


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Drill Bits - #42, #43, #44 & "The Block" Replacement Degree Pin.

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