Build-A-Car Birthday Party
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Celebrate This Year With Your Own Personal Pinewood Derby Race!

Build-A-Car by Jewkes Engineering will host your next birthday party or corporate event!

Pit Crew Party - We supply the 46' Race Track and our Race team to run the race.  We use the ESS (Electromagnetic Starting System) with a lazer gate so that each Racer can start the race with just the push of a button! The top of line electronic timer measures to the ten thousandths. Our track, which is leveled for optimum performance, has a professional stopping system. Your party is ensured a fantastic race everytime!

Pit Crew Delux - We supply everything in the Pit Crew Delux Party. We supply up to 10 car kits, decals and paint to create an amazing speedster. The children (and grown ups!) build their own speedster. The perfect time to have cake and open presents is while the paint is drying on the cars. Then let the adrenaline rush begin, The Grand Finale! We will hold a race for your party!

So get your pit crews together, come wrench on your speedster and customize it to your liking. Bring home the blue ribbon on your corporate event or birthday! Extra Car kits are 15.00 each

An exciting new concept for your next birthday celebration or corporate event! 

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*** SLC and Surrounding Areas Only ***

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Build-A-Car Birthday Party

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