Budget Burner Complete Car Kit
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   Looking for a fast car that you and your father can put together with ease but keep the cost down. Then this is the car kit for you. The Budget Burner comes Complete with everything you need to build a competitive car. It also has some neat upgrades if your looking to get every oz of speed that you can, and meet all the rules that have been writen for your pinewood derby race. The Budget burner comes complete with an aero dynamic car body, weight pockets cut out, drilled by "The Block" to meet your wheel alignment rules. Comes with the all new Steel Stabilizer weight system to maximize the cars weight placement that keeps the cars stability all the way through the finish line. Then to finish it all off, The Edge PureStockr wheels, mold matched that are married up with the Bsa Speed Axles. Just paint the budget Burner your favorite color and assemble with ease.

Designed by Racers For Racers, Don't get left in the dust, make the dust with Jewkes Engineering, and we will see you at the finish line!!!


  • Budget Burner Car Kit
  • Areo dynamic shaped body
  • Weight pockets Cut out
  • Standard 3 wheel Railrunner with 1 bent axle to adjust steer
  • or Drill axle holes to your spec's
  • Steel Stabilizer weight system
  • The Edge PureStockr wheels
  • Bsa Speed Axles
  • Complete and ready for you to paint
  • Assemble with ease
  • Up grades with Jewkes Engineering Hyperformance race products.


Don't get Jewked by another Derby dad for hire, "GET THE EDGE ON THE COMPETITION" and go with the Pro's at Jewkes Engineering!!!


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Budget Burner Complete Car Kit

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