Air Deflectors Fenders / Inner Clear Wheel Shields
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The Edge Balsa Wood Air Deflectors were the start of a revolution. At the 2008 Blue Grass Pinewood Derby Adult Nationals, Jewkes Engineering cars were equipped with our Air Deflectors (Fenders). We dominated the races in every class. No one else had thought of or had their cars equipped with fenders . If someone tells you aerodynamics has nothing to do with Pinewood Derby cars they are wrong. The Edge Air Deflectors (Fenders) have been tested to give you the best performance period. To use the Air Deflectors (fenders), you must have a wedge shape design like the car body Deflector we sell. Our fenders are ready to install, no shaping needed.

Buy from the originator! Don't get left in the dust, make the dust with Jewkes Engineering...




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Air Deflectors Fenders / Inner Clear Wheel Shields

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