91SGP "Super Guide Pin" - Set of 3
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When It Comes to getting all the speed out of your Pinewood Derby speedster, this is the final step, the 91SGP "EDGE" Super Guide Pin... Replace Your lifted 4th wheel With the 91SGP and increase the speed by reducing the air flow around your Speedster. real speed gains of .010 - .015 are achieved by using the 91SGP, This product is track tested and race proven... The SGP was intruduce by Jewkes Engineering in the 2007 Lima land National Pinewood Derby race which propelled us to victory and has dominated all National races since then. Which has now started the 3 wheels on the car legacy. The 91sgp is the guide peg of choice!!!

  • Set of 3 91sgp's
  • .091"shaft size
  • .030 guide pin size
  • Use number 43 drill bit
  • .010 - .015 speed gains with right car set up

The 91SGP press fits right in the Axle Slot or Drilled Axel hole


Rise above being just another derby dad ... build with the pro's at Jewkes Engineering and get the "Edge On The Competition!"

Get The Edge On The Competition With The "91SGP"

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91SGP "Super Guide Pin" - Set of 3

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